Cheap VPS Server Hosting to Safety and Stability

Our Web Server Hosting Company prides itself on its commitment to safety and stability on VPS servers. We render you Cheap VPS Server Hosting with the best value. Our Germany Server Hosting Provider managed the host team to work on security patches and updates for the OS and cPanel, assuring defective hardware replacement without delay. Onlive Server delivers Germany VPS Server Hosting with a wide array of configurable options to offer you the VPS server solution that perfectly matches your needs. For more peace of mind respecting your VPS Server, It provides several extra options designed to enhance security and backups.

Is your website experiencing high traffic or consuming more resources?

Our VPS Server is excellent for those who need more bandwidth and more space to run their applications online and manage a higher amount of traffic. Using the latest developments and an extensive network, it can effectively meet all your business requirements. We give you full administrative root permissions, and you can design your servers any way you want. Onlive Server configures and deploys your hosting server in a few seconds and a matter of clicks. Our VPS server hosting can take your business or website to the highest level.

Give Your Website a Cost-Effective VPS Server Environment

Our company provides a VPS Server with full access at an affordable price. We have different flexible payment choices to suit any budget. We deliver both managed and unmanaged cheap VPS server hosting options, so you can choose the solution that fits great as per your needs. Our web Hosting Provider managed solutions comprise inclusive support ranging from fixing issues, configurations, and any other query you make to us. Onlive Server web hosting solutions cater to all businesses, from small to large enterprises.

Choose the Best VPS Server for growing website load.

Onlive Server provides the best and fast VPS server services for growing website load. It gives the attributes of a VPS server with supreme functions. It offers security, flexibility, scalability, and reliability with SSDs that produce 20x speedy hosting services. Onlive Server gives you full access to upgrade with the enhancing website. Our servers are fast customer technical support at a fraction of the cost. We provide your server with numerous functions of a Cpanel, mail servers, controlled backup, and a firewall.

7 Reasons for VPS Server hosting, which is best for Business Websites

Let us now know why VPS servers are best for business. We have given below some of its significant benefits.

  • Business and website security

If a site comes in the grip of cybercrime, then it has so much power that it will ruin that website in just one stroke. When it comes to business security, a VPS Server gives you a high level of protection so that the security of your website is in your hands. In VPS, you do not need to share your resources with other users. That is, no website other than your website on your server. Hence, it eliminates the possibility of your website getting infected by any other website.

High-Quality Performance

In a VPS server, you get to see high-quality performance. Because this VPS Server is for your website. It fits in with the way you use your website. In this, all resources are used by your website alone, no one share these resources. You can completely control your site and its performance.

Our VPS Server hosting helps in maximizing the uptime of your website. It also allows for handling more traffic which will increase the ranking of your website so that you can grow your website as much as you want.

  • Quick Customization

A VPS server allows you to customize your server and website per your business’s specific needs. It will make it easier to grow your website business fast.

Root Access

VPS hosting is an ideal choice for businesses that need high-performance servers. If you have a VPS server then you can get full root access to your hosting. You can change your server environment in whatever way you want. You can completely control the hosting and change it however you like.

  • Flexibility

Your VPS Server hosting allows you to operate on your terms. Germany VPS Hosting servers are the best way to maintain the confidentiality of your work and communications on your website. You may choose any software and operating system per the site’s requirements and allow them to operate confidentially.

  • Unique IP address

Our website will receive its unique IP address, making it hard for other users to track or steal your information. With VPS server hosting, you will not have to face all these problems because your server is exclusively yours. Because here you have your IP address. You can also use VPS Servers for large companies running sites like e-commerce that require SSL for credit card processing.

Value for money

Money is the most critical factor. Investing money in VPS Server is not a loss to take the business forward. But if you are running a super website or a large company, you must take all the resources you need for your business site. But the unique thing about the VPS server is that you get complete control of it to keep your website and business safe. It also increases the ranking and traffic of your website to a high level.


Our Germany VPS Hosting Server can be a good option for users looking for dedicated server privileges at a lower price. Virtual Private Server offers higher performance levels, more flexibility, full root server access, better server control, storage, and scalability. If you have currently exceeded the hosting limits of your shared hosting account, our VPS server hosting will be a suitable option at very reasonable and affordable rates.