A dedicated Server focuses on your website needs and maximize the speed as much as possible. Onlive Server is a well-known brand among dedicated server providers worldwide, including Malaysia. Onlive Server provides the best Malaysia Dedicated Server to host your website at a reasonable rate. Their servers can be customized and scalable to suit your most demanding business. Onlive Server is building servers based on the latest, next-gen components. The dedicated server market is growing over time. People are incline toward it due to its attractive features.

Why Should Businesses Choose a Dedicated Server?

Large firms want to provide the best possible information to their top clients who choose a dedicated server. It helps them to stabilize their customers in the business and gives them a 100% guarantee of data protection. A dedicated server is a rented server purchased by a company for web hosting purposes. After selecting the Dedicated Server in Malaysia for your business. It will mean that your website has more reliability than any VPS hosting and shared hosting.

What Benefits Will You Get from Dedicated Server Hosting in Malaysia?

Dedicated Server Gives You the Best Performance

Dedicated Server Hosting in Malaysia provides a special OS (Operating System) dedicated to you completely. Shared web hosting provides good performance for your website. You can install other applications on your server and manage them easily without hiring anyone to manage your server. Providers are there to help you 24/7 with skilled professionals.

High Security

Dedicated hosting is probably the most preferred web hosting for any website that requires high security. Companies want to rely on that. Because they want to avoid following the safety issues of other webmasters.

Malaysia Web Hosting services promise to provide maximum security for your data. They offer premium protection against cybersecurity attacks and server monitoring. A dedicated server allows you to install a high-level security system on your server. That you can customize and protect your encrypted data.

More Reliable Up-Time

If you have another shared hosting such as VPS hosting. And shared web hosting performance will be reduced as soon as traffic spikes. We can say when user interaction increases. These are the results of purchasing shared hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting in Malaysia ensures that you use your websites smoothly and quickly. There will be no downtime as you own each server. Configure the device properly, no matter how much traffic you encounter, users will always feel good about the website.

Unique IP address

This is an excellent feature offered by a dedicated server to users. Users will have their unique IP address, unlike other web hosts. Where you have to share your IP.

You do not have to worry about other websites, you are the only one responsible for the health of your server’s IP address.

Key Features Malaysia Dedicated Server-


It is the main goal of any company to grow significant. In terms of user usability, revenue, and the absence of visitors. With a dedicated server, your users will feel more resilient.


This web hosting offers greater reliability in terms of speed, storage, bandwidth. Many other features compare to other share web hosts.


Top Attractive Asset for Dedicated Hosting Security. Web hosting is excellent for all strategic sites as incomparable security is guaranteed here.


Dedicated users who host a web server will have a free choice of any application according to their needs. A dedicated server provides a large number of services. That promote improved and consistent site performance.


If you think your website is experiencing high downtime and jumping rate. It is time to move your website to a dedicated server. This is more beneficial than other web hosts. As you can add many features to your site. You will have your security system and a unique IP address. That will avoid high jumps and face high traffic.