Malaysia Dedicated Server Hosting comes as the ultimate web solution. It is a type of hosting where users rent a complete portable machine or server to their sites. Malaysia Dedicated Server is where users do not need to share server location and resources with other sites. Such servers can be easily configure to meet the specific needs of users. Since all server resources are dedicated to the use of only one client and are not shared with other users, sites hosted on such servers gain greater stability and performance.

Dedicated server hosting platforms in Malaysia ensure that your business gets the server it needs. The client has full control over the server of their choice, which allows them to select their VLAN and access their own traffic. Malaysia hosting platforms ensure that your dedicated server gives you the privacy you need.

In addition, Malaysia dedicated server hosting platforms are better than shared hosting platforms as the shared hosting platform does not give customers full control over the hardware and performance platform they should choose for their business.

Unlike simple web hosting forums where managing multiple tasks is a complex process, a dedicated Malaysia server frees you from this problem, and you can save valuable time on other tasks beyond your priority list. 

Malaysia Basic Benefits Dedicated to Server Hosting Solutions

Malaysia dedicated server hosting solutions from Onlive Server come loaded with some of the best features for just a minimum plan at $140 price. Users get Intel Xeon E3-1275 – 4c/8t/3.80GHz, 8GB processors, 8 GB RAM, 4 core, 1 TB SATA, fully managed servers and 100 Mbps shared connectivity. And Maximum plan at $299 price. And users get Intel Xeon E3-1285 – 4c/8t/4.0GHz, 32GB RAM, 2x 1TB SATA. Apart from these features, there are many benefits offer to users and these include:

• Complete fidelity:

Shared server hosting and various other hosting solutions can be trust but not as reliable as dedicated servers especially because they do not share server resources with other users. This means that the dedicated server resources in Finland only work to keep the single-use site operational and operational. The whole process gets good benefits from sites that are constantly witnessing increasing traffic. Also, servers are support with 99.99% downtime and thus server reliability is not a major concern for users.

• Performance:

And again, as server resources are not shared with other users, sites hosted on a dedicated Malaysian server are doing very well. The processing power of the server is dedicated to your site just so your site will be more efficient.

• Suspension:

 Dedicated server hosting means that users gain root access to unmanaged and critical servers. This also means they have full control over how the servers are configure.. Users of dedicated server hosting solutions have the flexibility to install their favorite software programs. They can also set some settings on servers as they like and gain access to the server log.

• Scalability;

 Choosing a dedicated Malaysian server means you will find time to do website planning and business growth. Not only this, you will also gain the ability to manage your business and your site more easily. This is because dedicated server hosting solutions are known for providing great downtime. Scalability means that you will be experiencing a number of benefits such as having different resources to add new software programs; the ability to manage additional site traffic; compliance with site growth and multi-order processing.

• Security:

Users of dedicated server hosting solutions do not have to worry about the performance. And performance of other sites because their sites are the only sites host on the server. Hosting providers in this field manage client website security and take good care of the latest security updates and patches.

Malaysia Dedicated Server Hosting is one of the best solutions for businesses. Websites that have surpassed shared server hosting resources. And are on the verge of needing more power and resources hosted by a virtual private server. Dedicated server hosting is for you if you use the most profitable eCommerce site; you need a popular blog hosting; has a place that witnessed overcrowding; you want to use a multi-use program or you own a rich media site with podcasts, photos, music streaming and videos.