Onlive Server offers VPS Cloud Server with high bandwidth and excellent performance with unlimited bandwidth. Onlive Server solves all your difficulties with affordable prices and high-performance facilities. The one-click feature allows you to configure your server instantly just by a single click; the settings of the network are automated thus helping you to get everything quickly without any difficulty.

VPS Cloud Server

These are a great solution for VPS Cloud Server businesses looking to scale up their hosting. But don’t want to make an upfront investment in a dedicated server. Providing all of your business-critical applications with high bandwidth connectivity, fast processing speed, unlimited traffic, and outstanding customer support. You can expect to take on more customers whilst keeping costs down.

What Does Package include?

Onlive Server’s team will inform you about how to choose a VPS package as per your needs from Onlive Server. The price list is provided clearly for VPS hosting India for those who want to buy it. You can also ask any query related to VPS hosting provider that you might have in mind. Which will be answered by experts at the Onlive server. You will also be informed about how effective is their services. What kind of support they offer, whether they offer a free trial facility or not etc.


VPS cloud hosting is far more secure than shared server hosting and provides high performance. It supports major web scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc., no SQL, MySql databases. All scripts have their databases that run directly on the VPS node (No setting required). No matter which site you install or update. You don’t need to worry about shared resource usage because these resources are only for you.

Why do you need this service?

VPS Hosting can be a bit of a mystery to most people, mainly because it is based on cloud computing rather than traditional shared hosting models, but with no technical knowledge required on your part.

How to purchase a cloud server?

In case you are deciding on purchasing a cloud server then we have several factors to keep in mind when it comes to deciding on which one is best for you. Firstly, there are two basic types of servers available- cloud servers or virtual private servers (VPS). Let’s discuss both

Windows Web Hosting

All Windows services require Windows Web Hosting plans. Which are compatible with all versions of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server software. The web server is an important component of a website hosting service. It serves many different kinds of files to clients on a network or over the Internet.

Technical Support

VPS is nothing but a private server that has its Operating System. Where you can install any type of application or software on it. So, we can say that if you want to host multiple websites then VPS hosting service is a must for you. All of them will be hosted in a separate OS environment. There will not be any issues of downtime due to OS-related problems or applications. These are crashing due to conflicts between applications running on the same server.


Most businesses depend on their website to make a profit. Now, thanks to cloud computing, you can develop a website that is highly scalable with great performance while simultaneously saving money through resource sharing and consolidating IT resources from multiple users into one location. If you have any more questions about cloud computing or Onlive Server, in particular, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at +91-890-567-9922. We are looking forward to hearing from you!